Family • May 7, 2012

Bank Holiday’s Are Super Fun.

We have had a lovely bank holiday as a family.  Here are some photos of the fun we had.


We went out for the day with my lovely friend Emma, had a nice lunch and then fed some swans. (And one duck!)


Mads took her first ever photo….she is holding the remote control!


We passed a rapeseed field and just had to go in and take some photos.  Disclaimer- please note no babies were hurt during the taking of the above photo!  I love love love the photo of Mads being thrown in the air.


Monday was spent in Cambridge with our friends Claire and Danny, Claire is my bestest friend from university and was bridesmaid at our wedding.  We went out for burgers and Mads had pizza before sharing a big icecream with Mummy and Daddy.  

All in all a lovely bank holiday.

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