Family • April 28, 2014

‘And It Was All Yellow’.

When it gets towards the end of the Summer months I start to crave the cooler weather.  I fantasize about layered clothes, cosy jumpers and Winter boots.  Of hot chocolates with marshmallows, twinkly Christmas fairy lights and snuggly afternoons on the sofa watching a film.  But then soon enough I get fed up of the cold and begin to imagine longer lighter evenings, days out to the seaside and pretty Spring dresses.

Spring just sort of creeped up on me this year.  Winter just wasn’t that cold, we didn’t have that bitterly freezing weather where you would hold your breath while you waited for the car to warm up or where you thought your hands were going to drop off as you pushed the buggy without gloves.  All of a sudden the nights have got lighter, the weather has got a little warmer and now we have the odd day of sunshine mixed with the usual gloomy rain.

I love the sense of promise that Spring brings.  That feeling of Summer just being around the corner.  Everyone is a little happier, there is more to do and being outdoors just feels great.  There is the promise of sausages sizzling on the BBQ, warm evenings spent outdoors drinking Pimms and smiling children giggling and running around at the park.

Whenever I see the first yellow rapeseed sprouting it always signifies to me that Spring is on the way.    The bright yellow blankets of flowers that coat the English countryside are often overlooked, they aren’t as pretty as bluebells or poppies and people moan about them bringing on their hayfever.  I don’t think they bring on mine as I have yet to have it this year.  But actually they are beautiful.

Therefore we had to take a trip to one of the many fields around our area as of course the bright yellow flowers are every happy snapping bloggers dream!  I actually took one of my most favourite photos ever of Mads in the rapeseed a couple of years ago, so we couldn’t resist stopping by with LL in tow too.

Mads had a wonderful time running up and down the field and pretending to be a ‘Gruffalo monster’ and it sounds silly but looking at these photos really makes me smile.  Yellow is a happy colour and nothing makes me happier than ordinary weekends doing simple things with my little family.

yellow rapeseed photoshoot9

yellow rapeseed photoshoot5

yellow rapeseed photoshoot6

yellow rapeseed photoshoot13

yellow rapeseed photoshoot7

yellow rapeseed photoshoot10

yellow rapeseed photoshoot8

yellow rapeseed photoshoot11

yellow rapeseed photoshoot4

yellow rapeseed photoshoot12

yellow rapeseed photoshoot14


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