Family • February 18, 2014

A Rainy Day.

I am so fed up of Winter now.  When Autumn is imminent I generally look forward to it- it’s the anticipation of the golden afternoon light, beautiful coloured leaves on the ground, the thought of wearing snuggly jumpers and eating massive hot chocolate’s with cream and marshmallows.  I love December, with it’s birthdays, wedding anniversaries and of course Christmas.  But once December is out the way, I start dreaming of days at the beach, Mr Whippy ice cream and flip flops.  I am yearning the arrival of Spring.

It’s feeling especially long this year, I think it is this horrendous wet weather we have been having.  The cold I can just about deal with, but rain with it’s frizzy hair inducing capabilities is just not fun.  And don’t get me started about how often I have to wipe up muddy footprints in my hallway.  We go out most mornings but with the only options really being soft play or the garden centre, it doesn’t do our social life much good either.  We are all going a little stir crazy and getting a sense of cabin fever.

We were talking to Mads about the summer the other day, and what fun we would have.  We talked about picnics in the sunshine with friends, and lots of swimming when we were on holiday.  She is doing swimming lessons at the moment and is so excited about the fact we will be able to swim outside when we are away.  Then at the weekend the weather was just non stop rain all day long again and it got me thinking.  Why not bring the outside indoors?

So we donned our smartest swimming cossies and went ‘swimming’ in the bath.  According to Mads we filled ‘the most bubbly bubble bath ever’ and we splashed and played for ages.  Their little faces were a picture, so excited to be having a bath in the middle of the day.  They loved every minute- such an ordinary thing to do but the fact that they were in their swimming costumes made it an adventure.

We then got into our PJ’s and got out the picnic blanket from the garage and had an ‘indoor picnic’.  We brought some friends along to join us, and all sat on the blanket and had a lovely picnic in the middle of our living room.  LL was a little confused as after bath and PJ’s she thought it was time for bed, but they both thought it was a real treat not to eat their food at the table.

I love how through the eyes of my girls, even the most simple, ordinary activities are an adventure.  We do these things every single day, but by thinking outside the box a little, it became lots of fun.  It was a lovely way to spend a rainy day.

We can’t wait for summer so we can do it for real though.





Bath time Bubble beard.  Standard.





So Rosie Rabbit likes One Direction.  No judgement here.


‘Daddy’s crisps taste way better than the ones Mummy gives me.’



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