Family • June 11, 2015

A Picnic in the Buttercups…

I am a big stickler for nap times and bed times. I don’t know what it is, whether it’s just who they are, or whether it’s our set routine, but our girls do love to sleep and for the most part they will be in bed by at least 7.30pm every night. Of course if we are on holiday, or have plans to go out for the day then they don’t always go to bed on time, but if we are at home then it just makes sense for them to go sleep.

However in the Summer months we definitely get more relaxed. The long, light evenings sometimes just cry out for us to stay out longer, and the last thing any of us want to do is to go in and do the whole bedtime routine. They are at an age where if they go to bed at 9pm one night, or miss a nap one day, that they aren’t ridiculous grumpy monsters the next day- they can go a few days without a nap or later evenings.

We had one of those such evenings at the weekend. On Sunday the weather was just gorgeous, we had spent the morning at Mads first ever running race and then had a picnic with friends while Mr E got on with some work. We came home and the girls had a nap, and when we got up we decided it was just too nice not to be outside. We decided to forget about our planned ‘hot dinner’ and head out for yet another picnic.

When we drive in the direction of our supermarket I often notice a beautiful field of buttercups on one side of the road so I suggested going there for a picnic. Luckily Mr E is long suffering and generally humours my requests, so we packed some picnic food and drove the few minute journey to this beautiful wild buttercup field.

It was such a lovely couple of hours and the girls loved it, not only because they got peanut butter sandwiches twice in one day, which quite frankly is always a winner in their eyes, but because the sun was shining, there were giggles a plenty and Mummy even remembered to pack some Smarties. I sat back in the sunshine, feeling the sun beating down on my shoulders, watching our two little girls giggling and laughing, and I genuinely at that moment couldn’t have been happier. It was another one of those moments that I want to store in that little memory box in the back of my head to pull out if I am ever feeling down or having a tough day…

field of buttercups 1

field of buttercups 2

field of buttercups 3

field of buttercups 4

field of buttercups 5

field of buttercups 6

field of buttercups 7

field of buttercups 8

field of buttercups 9

field of buttercups 10

field of buttercups 11

field of buttercups 12

field of buttercups 13


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