Family • October 19, 2015

Our (Little) Exciting News

Life is often about numbers.

Eleven years ago I became friends with my manager in the bar I worked at part time while I was at university in Leeds. Ten and a half years ago we moved in together just as good friends in a little flat by the river. Just over ten years ago we had our first kiss by that same river and became boyfriend and girlfriend. Six years ago in August we bought our first home, sitting together on the empty living room floor on that first night, drinking Prosecco and eating take out pizza while talking about the future. Six years ago in December we got married in a small Christmas ceremony surrounded by the people we love most. Exactly a year and four days later our eldest daughter arrived in the world and made us a family of three. And then just over two years after that our little lady came into our lives and we thought that was it- that she had completed our family.

I always thought two children was our story. Two beautiful girls to watch grow up, two beautiful girls to love completely and utterly. A family of four. Becoming parents has been the hardest but most incredibly worthwhile thing we have ever done. Life isn’t perfect and we most certainly aren’t perfect parents. Far from it.

But family is everything and raising these two little girls is truly the most amazing privilege.

So a fair few months ago we decided that perhaps three was the magic number for us after all. If we would be so lucky and blessed enough for it to happen.

Over the years there have been a thousand moments of laughter, hundreds of arguments, moments where I thought my heart would simply burst with happiness and a fair few hard times too. And I am sure there will be many more of them all in the future.  I would do those not so good moments again a thousand times over and over to be living this life with them.

But for now we are just excited to await the arrival of the final piece of our jigsaw.

The next chapter in our story.

And to becoming a family of five.


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