Family • February 13, 2014

A Little Birthday Photo Shoot…

You don’t turn one every day.  That’s a fact.  It is something to be celebrated, therefore LL, Mads and I decided to do a mini cake smash birthday photoshoot while Daddy was at work on Monday, the day before her actual big day.

Mads was my amazing assistant, trying to make LL smile while also eating discarded bits of icing that LL flung her way, even though they were slightly soggy.  She is better than a hoover that girl.  LL at first wasn’t too impressed by the cake and just wanted to crawl away, but eventually she realised that things like massive cakes just for her don’t happen every day, and that it was a moment to be savoured.

I still can’t believe my baby is now one…

cake smash first birthday shoot

‘What do you expect me to do with this then?’

cake smash birthday photo shoot

‘You CANNOT be serious?’

cake smash photos

‘Let me just stop and ponder that thought for a minute.’


‘Have you been on the wine already?  You crack me up, this is hilarious.’


‘Ooh it’s messy and tasty- could this day get any better?’

messy cake smash

‘This bit looks especially good.’

cake smash ideas

(Looks at her big sister) ‘Can you believe she is actually letting me do this?’


‘It feels funny.’


‘Oops I got it in my hair, does this mean I have to wash it in the bath tonight?  You know I like to scream when that happens so the neighbours wonder what on earth is going on.’


‘Oh noooooo not the hair.’


‘Well if you are making me wash my hair you can clean this up cr*p up.  Good luck with that Mummy.’


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