Life • September 4, 2015

A Late Afternoon Picnic with Cath Kidston

I must have said about a million times before that as a family we love a good picnic. We aren’t fans of the fancy type, we are more just ‘leave a picnic blanket in the car and go on the spur of the moment’ kind of people. We also adore a good old ‘carpet picnic’ having one most weekends in the winter- I don’t know why but putting a rug down on the floor in our living room and eating our sandwiches seems to be so exciting for our girls so it’s something we do a lot.

Recently we collaborated with one of our favourite brands Cath Kidston on their #Bags To School campaign, which was incredibly exciting. We also got to pick out a few bits from their new range as well. When this large parcel full to the brim of Cath Kidston bits arrived, Mr E had to calm me down as I thought I was going to explode with excitement. We were honoured (and nervous!) to take over their instagram account a couple of weekends ago, which was amazing, and as the weather was so gorgeous one evening we decided that we would go for a late afternoon picnic so I could snap a few photos for their instagram. It turned out because the light was so golden (my favourite kind!) I actually took a lot more photos than I thought…


I absolutely adore this new picnic blanket, the colours are beautiful, and we were in desperate need of a new one. LL was watching and waving to the boat going by in this picture.


Such a pretty light.


Teddy bear sandwiches- why do my children seem to eat sandwiches more if they are cut into some sort of shape?


Two little ladies having a picnic- we love all the Cath Kidston picnic wear, like these little boxes and the girls new water bottles.


Chatting with Daddy. We chose a lovely little spot by the river. I often wish we lived somewhere more exciting but it’s actually quite pretty.


Having a laugh with Mummy, I love my Billie Goes To Town dress which is also from Cath Kidston’s new range. I think it’s going to be a good transition from summer to autumn.

ckpicnic7Baa of course had to come with us too.


Happy smiley girls. I love this one. Don’t you love it when your little ones seem to love having their photo taken? It definitely doesn’t always happen in our house.


I adore this photo of LL, although she has a slight crusty nose from a cold. She’s such a little character.


Daddy cuddles.


Little posers. LL’s dress is absolutely stunning and I know we will get a lot of wear out of it in autumn, with tights and boots. ckpicnic12

Little crazies.


I am not sure what is going on here.


Or here!


We rarely get photos of us together as normally we don’t trust Mr E with the camera, but he’s usually pretty good as long as I get the settings right before hand. I absolutely love these ones he took of us, I can’t remember what we were giggling about.


I love their faces so much.


I don’t think I will ever tire of this beautiful golden light you get- we don’t get it all that much here but when we do it’s so pretty.


These last batch of photos are very much the LL show but her sister was too busy running around to take photos. I love her little face in this one.

ckpicnic20She’s growing up so fast, there’s not much baby face left in her.


I really love these photos and so I just had to share them. Definitely three of my favourite things- my family, picnics and beautiful light. Plus some Cath Kidston thrown in for good measure. I’m so sad summer is over!



NB: We worked with Cath Kidston on their #BagsToSchool campaign, they didn’t ask us to take or share these photos, but I just love them!

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