Family • July 22, 2013

A Fresh Pair Of Eyes…

I definitely am guilty of this- as I was growing up I didn’t realise how lucky I was to have a lot of things- how hard my parents worked to look after myself and my sister, to be able to go to a nice school, or to be able to go on days out or trips away.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew I was lucky, but I don’t think you truly appreciate the little things until you are older, naivety perhaps?  Now I am a mother myself, I really find myself focussing on the small things and how lucky we are for the little details.

One thing that I always used to take for granted was where we lived.  I have lived with the city of Cambridge on my door step for most of my life, bar when I moved away for a few years.  Growing up, I used to find it ‘rubbish’ to shop in, or I would find the huge amount of tourists ‘annoying’ and when I got old enough to be able to go out at night, I would find the nightlife ‘boring’ and want to go to a bigger city such as London.

But now I am older I can fully appreciate the beauty of the city and I feel so lucky that we have such a beautiful place to take my girls to.  It is gorgeous all year round, but in the summer it just comes alive.  Tourists with cameras snapping everywhere you look, brightly coloured flowers and gardens surrounding the old historic colleges, people lying on blankets and reading books on every patch of grass- it really is such a peaceful city.

There are so many big open meadows and parks that when you are sat there you would think that you were in the middle of the countryside.  There are lots of children’s playgrounds here, there and everywhere, and there are two big lido pools that are free.

This past weekend we went in and did a bit of shopping, had a picnic and played in the playground for ages.  Something we do often, but I took a second to look around me and realise how beautiful it is.




Mr E bought my engagement ring from this lovely little family owned jewellers five years ago.


Everyone travels by bike.







The biggest paddling pool ever!



I’ve found since being a Mummy that the little things that I took for granted before, or would have found boring, have suddenly become exciting and fun.

You retrace steps that you have walked a thousand times before, but you see them with a fresh pair of eyes.

That meadow of long grass becomes a place where you can look for treasure or take a beautiful photo.  The playground you walked past a million times becomes a place for running about, getting out of breath and having endless giggles.  A lido pool becomes a place of adventure- splashing and looking for snapping crocodiles.

 A simple picnic and a day out in a place you go to all the time becomes a treasured memory- something you will remember for a long time because you love to look at your little family and see the happiness etched all over their faces.

My daughters have definitely helped me not only see where we live differently, but my whole life.  They have given me a new perspective, and I see a lot more beauty in the world.  I feel they have made me a better person- more positive, more considerate of others and definitely more thankful.  Since having them, I also see a lot more fear and sadness too, because I worry about them so much.  But I try not to let that cast a cloud over our lives.

I love that since becoming a Mum even the most simple days are full of adventures.

I will never ever take that for granted.


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