Family • February 6, 2014

A First and Third Bug Themed Party….

Something very special happened at the weekend- it was Mads and LL’s joint third and first birthday party.  As I mentioned previously, because Mads birthday is on Christmas Eve, we haven’t ever really managed to have a proper party for her, so we were all really excited to make this one happen.

I decided on a ‘bug’ theme, mainly because throughout my pregnancy LL’s nickname was Bug and still is now, so we thought it would suit them perfectly.  The colour scheme was green, red and yellow with lots of little subtle touches, and in the end I was so pleased with how it turned out.  It was fancy dress and there were spiders, flies, butterflies and caterpillars running around.  Mads was a ladybird and LL was a bumble bee.

We hired the local village hall and also an entertainer who was brilliant.  She came dressed as a ladybird and really went to town on games based around our theme, as well as giving Mads and LL a present based on bug’s too.  It was very well thought out.

Here is their birthday party in photos…

A bug themed party 10

Two slightly irrate looking bugs- a ladybird and a bumblebee. I have had so many people ask me where the girl’s dresses were from, they are from Wild Things Funky Dresses, you can get them from Etsy and Not on the High Street.  They are the most beautiful handmade dresses and I was so pleased with them.

A bug themed party 11

One birthday Bug.

A bug themed party 8

Party favours on display and ready.

A bug themed party 2

I made little ‘bug’ specimen jars and stuck a magnifying glass to the top as an alternative to party bags- in them were some stickers and a chocolate ladybird, spider and bumblebee.

A bug themed party 3

Every party bag needs a chocolate spider.

A bug themed party 5

We got all the older children a wooden ladybird castanet.

A bug themed party 4

And the babies each got a wooden worm.

A bug themed party 12

Bizarre Story time- a giant lady bird reading the Hungry Caterpillar.

A bug themed party 13

Listening intently to the story.

A bug themed party 16

My Mummy, sister and I.

A bug themed party 22

This girl wasn’t a hundred percent well, and slept half the party, but she still managed a few smiles.

A bug themed party 6

 Cheesy ladybirds.

A bug themed party 9

Creepy Crawly sandwiches.

A bug themed party 7

Flower pot mud pies (chocolate angel delight with jelly worms)

A bug themed party 14


A bug themed party 15

Who doesn’t love party food?

A bug themed party 1

Bug cupcakes.

A bug themed party 25

Grape Caterpillars.

A bug themed party 18

My three year old ladybird.

A bug themed party 19

Opening their pressies from the entertainer.

A bug themed party 17

Wrapping one of the Dad’s in a ‘cocoon’.

A bug themed party 23

Balloons = so much fun.

A bug themed party 20

Best birthday cakes ever ever ever made my one of my very talented friends.

A bug themed party 24

Even the grass was edible.  The ladybird was vanilla and the bumblebee was chocolate.

A bug themed party 21

Blowing out the candles.  (There were other children there other than Lucy’s little man, honestly, but obviously other parents might not want their children on the internet!)

I was so busy running around and chatting to everyone that I didn’t have time to be super emotional, but as we blew out the candles on their birthday cake I must admit to feeling a little bit sentimental and teary eyed.  I can’t quite believe just how fast our two little ladies are growing.  I am so incredibly thankful to have them in our lives- as well as all our fantastic family and friends who love them almost as much as we do.

We are very lucky indeed.


a little bug party from Lucy DearBeautiful on Vimeo.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Lucy for making us a little video of their party. We love it!



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