Family • November 3, 2020


Maybe I have been living under a rock (or perhaps a pumpkin), but I didn’t really know pumpkin patches were a thing in the UK. Having seen them on American films and indeed when we visited the US during October one year, I thought perhaps they were just something that was popular over there. However over the last few weeks I saw more and more people visiting them here in the UK. My instagram was awash with photos of an orange sea of pumpkins, of little people pushing wheelbarrows full of pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes, and of couples posing and smiling in front of a pumpkin or two.


In half term we decided to go and see what the fuss was about for ourselves and headed to a pumpkin patch about 45 minutes away from where we live. Mads was on a play date with her friend for the day so Jon and I just took the younger two. We had to pre-book because of COVID, but when we arrived it was quite busy and we were a little worried. But once we got in the pumpkin fields were huge so there was loads of space to keep out of people’s way.

We had a great time and the kids loved running around and trying to find the most perfect shaped pumpkins to bring home to carve. I took a few lovely photos and that’s the reason for this post- I never really share ‘diary’ type blogs anymore, but wanted to make sure I had record of the few photos I took.

So few words from me today and just a few photos, but a lovely morning I want to remember. It may well become a yearly tradition- although next time we will bring Mads along, it didn’t feel the same without the biggest member of the family.


Also before we forget about pumpkins and ghosts and ghouls for another year, I had to share this photo of my girls on halloween. It was a low key day at home for us for halloween for this year, we don’t tend to go crazy for it anyway, but the restrictions combined with the weather meant that we stayed home. But we dressed up (as skeletons like most years- there is no point buying new costumes when these still fit!), and had fun with a spooky treasure hunt among other things. I took this photo of the girls when we went on a dog walk- they look terrifying and got into character far too well!

I also made a day in the life video of our spooky day at home. I have added it below if you fancy a watch…

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