I’m Katie. I take photos. I make videos. I’m a storyteller and I always have been.

I sat down one day in March 2011 and decided to start a blog. I had a 3 month old daughter and after reading some American blogs I thought I would start my own, mainly as a way of keeping me doing something creative whilst on maternity leave. That blog was called ‘Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three’ and I had no idea what it would become, that nearly nine years later I would still be writing it, and that indeed this whole online world would become my career.

When it began there were just a handful of UK family blogs and the whole online creative industry was completely different to how it is now. In fact there wasn’t really an industry at all. Having always been known by family and friends for never sticking at anything, I found something that I was truly passionate about. I loved being creative and I’ve always been a bit of a camera geek, so I fully immersed myself in the blogging world and never looked back. I loved learning all about blogging, website design, photography and later videography. I taught myself html, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Final Cut Pro amongst many other things, and I spent so many hours learning as much as I could and honing my skills.

For years it was just a well loved hobby, something that enabled me to find a whole new side to my creativity. I went back part time to work in my previous role as an account manager in the travel industry and carried on doing this alongside it. But slowly the online and social media industry began to change, and after a lot of hard work and dedication I managed to make this into my full time job, alongside freelance work as well.

I still can’t believe that this little thing I started all those years ago became one of the best decisions I have ever made. This blog has grown with me through the years, through the newborn days with my three babies, to now finding a little bit more about me again. I recently decided to change the name to just my name ‘Katie Ellison’, feeling that perhaps after all this time I had outgrown the ‘Mummy Daddy Me’ name.

And that’s where I’ve been for the last few years. Doing something I love. Nowadays you’ll find me writing, taking far too many photos, making videos, or working on freelance projects for brands.



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Our Family


I’m Katie, the person who writes this blog. I am a storyteller, I like to document my life by taking photos and making videos. I’m also a Mum to three of the best little people ever (but then I am quite biased).  Before they were born I worked in online marketing for a large travel company- travelling has always been such a huge passion of mine. Nowadays you’ll find me online, creating content and generally recording our memories. I also work on a freelance basis out of our little home office- my main work and passion is creating video content for brands, but I also do a lot of photography work, some writing and also design too. I am pretty lucky that blogging has helped me hone a number of different skills over the years and I love working in a creative industry,

We moved into what we are calling our ‘forever home’ two years ago and I have discovered I have a massive love for interior design,We are in the midst of a renovation project, and I love everything about designing our home. I am happiest when I’m with my family especially if that’s travelling somewhere- I am always online searching for where to go on our next trip. I would live on fajitas, pizza and chocolate buttons if I could, and I can’t go a day without having a diet coke – I realise it’s so bad for me but it’s definitely my guilty pleasure. I have recently started to try and get back into running after a long hiatus (I used to love it before I had our little boy).


Jon and I have been together for 13 years, married for nearly 10. He is my rock and I am so grateful I walked into a bar in Leeds one day when I was at university and applied for a part time job. He ended up being my boss for a couple of years, something which he often likes to remind me of from time to time.

We now work together again, from our little office at the bottom of the garden. He is a designer/front end developer and set up his own business a few years ago, after years of working for others. We bizarrely get on great considering we are together so much. As our work sort of intertwines we do often work on projects together.

He likes all the typical kind of stuff- he is a bit of a cycling geek and he loves design, football and cars. Even after all these years he doesn’t really ‘get’ social media, but he has always been supportive of me and my passions.


Madeleine is our first born daughter who was born in 2010- she has a very exciting or unfortunate birthday depending on which way you look at it as she was born on Christmas Eve to the song ‘When you believe’ by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

She is obsessed with football and never sits still. She plays for Arsenal Girls and is obsessed with it. Her dream is to be a professional footballer when she grows up, and if she is still showing the same dedication in a few years time as she does now I reckon she could be. Her favourite treat is to have a lemonade if we ever go out for dinner (easily pleased) and she never stops talking/jumping around/laughing. If you are grumpy you can guarantee that she will cheer you up- she’s definitely the silliest and loudest member of the family.



Lottie is our middle one and she is the funniest member of the bunch, with a cracking sense of humour. I call her the filling to our family sandwich. She was born in February 2013 and she has always been so chilled out. She is so easy going and sometimes you don’t even know she is there. She is really quiet, but she is wise, kind and thoughtful. Around the people she trusts she lets her hair down, and she is quite honestly hilarious.

She’s alway so helpful, her teachers at school often say how much she helps with things, and she’s got a smile that is incredibly infectious.

She loves dressing up, art and drawing, and she is obsessed with Winnie the Pooh.


Wren is the final member of our family and we all adore him. He’s become a cheeky, lovely little boy, who terrorises his big sisters constantly. He is incredibly affectionate, has the cutest little voice, and gives the best cuddles.

He’s also a typical third child in that he wants everything he can’t have, and he has us all wrapped around his little finger.

He’s growing up far too quickly and I keep willing time to slow down. He’s the missing piece to our family jigsaw.